Airplanes – Leg Four and Dar

We traced a ridge of mountains down to the coast and swung out over the Zanzibar Channel before coming down to land in the western sprawl of Dar itself.  The tempo of life had changed again and I was hussled and bussled in what appeared to be like a European airport; gleaming chrome everywhere, television displays, glass partitions and plastic seats.  The only thing was , none of it worked.  The TV screens were blank, the covered walkways to your plane did not extend and you had to deplane down steps, walk across the scorching concrete and wind up a set of service steps to get to the baggage reclaim.  At least I had no immigration to contend with.  I had travelled about 700 miles and for nine hours and was still in the same country.  My next thought was that if I didn’t know which flight I was on, how would my counterparts in Dar, but with the efficiency I found so often with this project, Salam the driver was there to take me into town.  A charming man, a gentle giant, he drove me round Dar for the next few days.  The journey into town took us down a wide dual carriageway, lined for mile after mile with industrial estates, factories and car showrooms.  On the road side were hundreds of small shacks with a range of businesses; bike repairs, tinkers, car parts, food stores.  The traffic was awful.  Instead of taking me to the hotel, I had to meet the project Leader, Andy Menz first.  We battled against the traffic for 45 minutes, before Salam drove into a small courtyard, escorted me up a narrow set of stairs and I walked into the nerve centre of this massive project, a small three-roomed office.  The accountant and Rhitesh the project administrator, were at one end, Marie, the secretary and receptionist had the centre where you walked in, and Andy sat in his glass cage at the front of the office.  I had a brief chat with Andy.  He warned me not to jump to conclusions about where to place the GIS and outlined the meetings he had planned for me, and then allowed me to go and freshen up at the hotel.

The Ferry Dock in Dar

The Ferry Dock in Dar


2 thoughts on “Airplanes – Leg Four and Dar

  1. Airplanes – Leg Four and Dar – String Knife and Paper

  2. Airplanes – Leg Four and Dar – String Knife and Paper

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