Thanks to the Followers And Look Out for the New Adventures

Yesterday’s post marks the end of the story of my travels while working for NRI.  I hope you have enjoyed them all and maybe learnt a fact or two.  Thanks to those who have followed and favourited throughout; Cooking with a wallflower, VisitSienna, Globe-T, Michael Lai to name my most devoted fans but to you all I say thank you.

I lived in BVI for two years and on my return set up my own consultancy doing similar work from the UK – I hope to blog the experiences from the last twelve years soon in a new blog called “WHEN I WENT TO” and it will cover even more amazing trips all over the world.  More trips to the Caribbean including back to St Vincent and to Anguilla and Haiti, many visits into the South Atlantic Ocean to the isolated islands of St Helena and Ascension Island, many visits to Mauritius and the remote island of Rodrigues, to the Maldives, and back of course to Africa; to Zambia and Lesotho in particular.

So I just need to sit down and write it all down.  Thanks for all your support over the last year and I look forward to telling you more soon.


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