I have come into contact with a great number of people during my travels, some of whom are my ex-NRI colleagues, others are expats abroad.  Many of whom are the locals in each country who, with great hospitality and warmth, have taken time out of their busy lives to entertain, educate and embrace me in their ways for the short period I have interacted with them.  I am indebted to all these people for sharing at least a brief time with me.

In Zimbabwe:

Steve and Majorie Torr and their dogs, Knowledge Mujinga, Benjamin Manyuchi, Bob Drummond, Judith Pender, Joe Rother, Kingston, Willy Manyaga, Edmore Chelo, Second, Allan Gardner, Sasha and Jane Trigg, The Famous John Hargrove.  The Staff at Binga Rest Camp, Bronte Hotel, Cresta Oasis, Martin and Heather Warnes,

In Tanzania

Andy Menz, Valerie Obsomer, Richard Paley, Rose Marie Kidudu, Bolo, Aloys Ruritanje, Simon Mwansasu, Rhitesh Bandari, Chris, Marie, Salam

In Sri Lanka

Roger White and Flo, Choi and Amal, the staff and owner of the Chalet Hotel, Kandy, Thilak, Pradeep Dissaniyaka, Herath Manthritillake, P M G Weernsinghe, Nissanka Premadasa and family, Nandasenda.

In Eritrea

Chris and Sheila Hillman, Mehari, Allan Showler, Waldo, Kidane, Micky Cherlet,

In Mauritania

Bob and Rose Aston, Lemore, Ba Kalidou, Mohamed Lemine Ould Ahmedou, Diallo Amadou Mamoudou, Mohamed  Abdallahi Ould Babah, Mohamed Ould Biye

In the Caribbean

Keith Nichols, Nick Willoughby, Jim Hancock, Colin Campbell, Leslie Straker, Cheryl Jardine, Kurt Cordice, Michael Bailey, Tyrone Ballah, Stowe, Lauralee Mercer, Mervin Hastings, Bert Lettsome, Nancy Woodfield, Christine Elisha, Rosemary Delaney, Leland Dennis, Jacen Greenacre, Ardon Nelson, Andrew Magloire, Harold Guiste, Giselle Allport, Derrick Theophille, Jullan Defoe, Al Philbert, Dale Alexander, Peter Espeut, Ian King, Ricky Marshall, Vijay Datadin, the Auberge Seraphine Hotel, Castries, the Cobblestone Inn, Kingstown, the staff at Basils Bar, Kingstown, Jane Shirley, the staff at the Treasure Isle Hotel, Road Town, the staff at the Garraway Hotel, Roseau, the owners and staff at la Robe Creole, Dick Beales, the Rockley Beach Early Morning Dippers, Dr Art Potts, Newton  Eristheé.

In Ghana

Laurence Kenyon, Adda, Kojo and Kwaru, Dr Quashi-Sam, Kingsley, Sam, the staff and prostitutes of the Northridge Hotel, Accra, Jonathan Coulter, David Poston, Prof. Kasim Kasanga, Hilary Warburton, Martin Adam, Philippa Mason.

In South Africa

Kirsty Reid, Heather, the staff of the Pilgrim’s Rest Hotel, the four guys who robbed me, Alison and Chris in Pietermaritzburg.

In Portugal

Taylor’s Port, Bruce Guimaraens, Jim Lewis, Douglas Pocock, Helen Gouldie, Sam Frost, Alison Bray, Chris Faulkner, Andrew Clayton, Ali Boileau, Martin Ellison, Mike and family,

In Colombia

Mauricio Rosales, Angela Rosales, Lucy Rosales, Chris, Graeme and Debbie Jones, Marino Toro Ospino, the staff at Gorgona National Park, the staff of the Quindio Nature Reserve, Hever Mancilla

In Burundi

Kelly West, Jerod Clabaugh, David Silverside, Mamert, Africa, the villagers of Gitaza

In Argentina

David Gorla, Marianno Grilli, Raquel,

In Memory of Dad.